Thursday, May 26, 2011

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The book release is imminent...

Far from the Massive Crowds, my season-long account of Guisorough's Northern League journey, is due for release on Monday 5th June 2011.
As well as a print copy (see below), the ebook will also be released on the same day and will be available for Kindle and Kindle apps on Iphone, Ipad and PC.

All of the profits from the book go to Guisborough Town Supporters' Group. These monies will then be invested in the club's infrastructure, bus trips to other grounds and in devising strategies to encourage more people to come to experience the wonderful spectacle that is Non-league football.

The RRP for the book is £7.99, but a special introductory price of £6 is available for people to take advantage of in the next few weeks.

The e-book is likely to be priced slightly cheaper, at just under £5.

Further details to follow in the coming days as things are finalised...